It’s PR, Baby!

For zoos, nothing draws a crowd like baby animals.  Each spring and summer Zoos send out pictures of their newest balls of fluff and people flock to see them.  Babies are a unique PR tactic that zoos use to generate interest and increase their number of visitors.

Akron Zoos jaguar cubs

Akron Zoo's jaguar cubs

This summer the local zoos had plenty of baby animals to show off.  At the Akron Zoo, three jaguar cubs were allowed on display for the first time in June.  The cubs were wonderful PR for the Akron Zoo.  Jaguars are one of the most popular animals at the Akron Zoo and babies are not born every year.  Because they were so special and unique, they drew a lot of attention to the organization.

The Akron Zoo even held a naming contest for the cubs.  This inspired an increase in community participation.  The Cubs, two girls and a boy, were given the names Nakita, Bella and LeBron.

Cleveland Metropark Zoos Red Panda Triplets

Cleveland Metropark Zoo's Red Panda Triplets

Also in June the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced the birth of Red Panda Triplets.  Red Panda triplets are a rarity and because they are an endangered species, it made the birth even more special.  According to Christopher Kuhar, Ph.D., Cleveland Metroparks Zoo’s Curator of Primates and Small Mammals, “Until this year, it had been 10 years since the last red panda triplets were born at an accredited zoo in North America.”  The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo didn’t let this even go uncelebrated.  They quickly made the announcement in several local newspapers and on their website.  They also added posts and pictures to their Facebook page and Twitter page.  Fans and followers alike were soon chatting about the new additions.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoos baby Francois Langur

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's baby Francois' Langur

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo also welcomed a new addition in their Rainforest section of the park. A baby Francois’ Langur was put on display this summer to the amusement of park guests.  Since Francois’ Langurs are born with bright orange fur, the newborn stands out compared to the all-black adults.  This made the baby monkey easier for visitors to spot.

The public’s interest in baby animals is also a wonderful way to educate the public about the many unique creatures that share our world.  Zoo babies give visitors a chance to stop and learn a little about the animals they are observing.  This is wonderful opportunity for zoos since educating the public is usually a large part of their mission.

Although visitors may not always understand the educational significance of zoo babies, they love them just the same.  Baby animals will always be an important and special PR tactic for zoos and aquariums.


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